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What is ChromosHome?

On ChromosHome you can find your new home in an easy and transparent way: check the house advertisements, read the reviews of previous tenants and contact the owner if you like it.

How does it work?

Search houses' ads

Search among all ads on our platform, and look for the houses you are interested in.

Read rating and reviews

Read the reviews of previous tenants for a guaranteed transparency.

Contact the landlord

Contact the landlord, once you are read the house reviews to be sure what you are about to rent.

Publish your ad

Publish your house ad in few simple steps. It is free of charge!

Rent only trustworthy people

Consult possible tenants' profiles, and read their reviews. Rent only to the people you trust.

Actively look for a tenant

If you cannot wait, you can actively look for a tenant. Read our users' houses requests and find the person you are looking for.

Real estate agent?

You work for an estate agency and you are curious to know how you can use ChromosHome for your business? Get in touch with us and get an appointment with our team.

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